Expat Community in Kabul

Expats living in Afghanistan will quickly be able to make contacts. However if this does not work out right away, you will always have the InterNations Afghanistan Community in Kabul! The leading social network for expats, InterNations has over 300,000 members spread out across the globe in more than 270 Communities.

Enabling members to exchange tips and information with each other online in forums and with an expat guide to restaurants, leisure activities or bureaucratic institutions, etc., InterNations acts as a support system for expats in their new country of residence.

Moving abroad is never easy, and meeting people from a different culture may be difficult at first. InterNations understands this and thus organizes monthly events in each of its 270 Communities where members get to meet in person to discuss experiences, discover similarities or fascinating differences. Networking, potential business partners, and best of all, lasting friendships, have all been made through InterNations!

With almost 300 members, the InterNations Kabul Community is quite active! The monthly gatherings at great venues are well visited and members seem to be very enthusiastic about them! Brunches, lunches and dinners among global minds await those expats planning on moving to Kabul Aghanistan!

InterNations GmbH

Schwanthaler Stra├če 39
80336 Munich
Fax: +49 89 461 3324 99
Email: info@internations.org

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